Newberry is hopeful that Kieren’s struggle and discovery of inner strength will make him a relatable lead character for viewers who might feel under-represented. “It does bring up really important issues that need to be talked about, like teenage suicide and anxiety. Kieren is an incredibly anxious guy, and In The Flesh talks about anxiety in a way that I don’t think many things do. Anxiety’s not spoken about, it’s sort of ignored, I think. Hopefully Kieren will be a voice for those people, that’s my hope.”


Lockfrost 2

Sharpie on Epiphone Guitar



imagine an aesthetic con

vaporwave blasting all throughout the hotel. everyone cosplaying or carrying around roman statues. many pastels. potted plants literally everywhere. windows 95. macintosh. everyone is taking pictures of the pool


I do consider myself a feminist. And I actually think that I have learnt quite a bit from Stella in playing her, spending time with her, inhabiting her views on life, and I strongly feel that she has made me a better woman more embracing of my femininity and how I will and will not be treated.


Landscape studies that I added robots to.


Iain McKell


Brett O’Mahony

this scene gave me goosebumps


distressed-robot-sounds requested Robin Hobb + It has to be dramatic by Rough Seas so I drew Burrich comforting his prince ;v;


I want to believe.

armor appreciation (3/?)


Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, California - Louis Kahn

Photograph - Bob Trempe via d i s - s e c t i o n

someone gif the end bit of that ep of halt and catch fire because it gave me goddamn chills